Stylish Plus Size Dresses and Separates

Polka Dot Twin Set

When I was younger… ok, not that long ago. I’m talking maybe ten years. I used to really be in to matching twin sets (especially if they were actually sold as a set). Mostly it was because it was like having three or more outfits in one: there’s the set together, the tank worn under something else (or by itself), and the cardigan worn over something else. Twin sets are one of the best multi-purpose wardrobe items. They have never really gone away they have kind of been there on the underbelly. This week I came across a twin set from Ulla Popken. I had to mention it firstly because of the reason I just mention and hello it has polka dots. You know I’m a sucker for polka dots.

A plus size polka dot twin set from Ulla Popken. Love it!

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ASOS Cardigans

It is almost fall! Well maybe in a few weeks, but 9°C tonight has me hopeful and looking at sweaters and cardigans online regardless of what the daytime temp will be tomorrow. I am liking the move toward mid-length and maxi cardigans but still love the traditional lengths like too. And the textures are always fun too. Here are five of my favorites from ASOS plus size line:

My five favorite cardigans from ASOS.

Clockwise from left to right:

  • Dark Red Waterfall Cardigan, $54
  • Black Maxi Jersey Cardigan, $58
  • Camel Fisherman Cardigan, $66
  • Grey Midi Cardigan, $38
  • Black Lightweight Stitch Cardigan, $60

I love the versatility of cardigans. They look great with t-shirts or blouses and jeans or skirts. They are especially helpful for this in between weather when I never am quite sure what to expect temperature wise.

How do you like your cardigans? Long, short, lightweight, chunky, plain, textured?

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Chiffon Tops

I am going through a chiffon layering phase — wearing chiffon tops over camis (I am not brave enough to do the peek-a-boo bra trend). They are a good way to stay cool but still provide full coverage fashion. Most occasions a cami is just not appropriate for day to day life and really they are quite boring when you can wear such pretty colors and patterns as these two chiffon tops from Igigi.

The Livia top comes in three colors, but only two are my faves. The bright tangerine with simple dot pattern:

I love this plus size tangerine dotted chiffon top from Igigi.

And a bright pink in Magnolian lace pattern:

I love the pattern of this plus size chiffon top from Igigi.

It comes in sizes 12 to 32 for $78 and at the moment it looks like they still have all sizes available.

How do you like to layer your chiffon tops? Over a cami or over a coordinating bra?

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Everyday Graphic Tee

If you have followed this blog for any length of time then you know that when it comes to graphic tees Threadless is my go to shop. But it has been less and less over the years because they stopped carrying 3x and the 2x is usually limited sizing. Today I saw this really cute graphic tee on SwakDesigns and it was reminiscent of some designs I’ve seen there. I love dandelions in their yellow and in their seed forms. Unlike Threadless, these ones go up to 5x, which is an amazing range for t-shirts.

The graphic tee from SwakDesigns paired with their skinny jeans.

This really cute Dandelion tee comes in the grey shown here or lavender and costs $25 regularly but is on sale for $10.99.

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The Peplum Top

You have probably figured it out that peplum is not going away anytime soon. I can’t say that I am disappointed especially when I see cute plus size peplum tops like the Florence ones from Igigi. This top comes in two different fabrics, my absolute favorite being, the Blue Dahlia — it’s so pretty and delicate looking.

The Blue Dahlia florence peplum top from Igigi.

If you are not a fan of all the skin showing through so obviously then there is the blossom option (Rose Bouquet) which is less noticeable. In both cases the tank top underneath is included.

The Rose Bouquet plus size peplum top from Igigi.

Both tops are available in sizes 12 to 32 for $72 and Igigi ships internationally.

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Hunger Games Gear

Heading for the long lines on November 22 to get your ticket for the second installment of The Hunger Games — Catching Fire? My husband has read all the books but I have not; however I did see and enjoy the first movie (I honestly didn’t think I would but now I have to watch the next), the previews for the second one look amazing:

While I was out and about the internet I found some cute gear to take along.

The Pin

You can show your allegiance to the rebellion with your own mockingjay pin, Katniss Everdeen’s tribute token.

A reproduction of the Mockingjay pin used as a symbol of the Katniss led revolution.

The Bag

Take a small blanket to keep you warm, a water bottle, snacks for waiting in line…

A reproduction of the district 12 back packs from

The T-shirts

And really, what is being a fan without having a t-shirt to express your fandom? Here are a few cute plus size ones from Torrid. You’ll be happy with the size ranges of 0 to 5x. Show your support for Katniss:

A profile of Katniss shooting a arrow from a bow on a plus size tee from Torrid.

Or show your support for District 12:

The District 12 Hunger Games: Catching Fire t-shirt in plus sizes from Torrid.

Keep the hope alive and “remember who the real enemy is”!

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Stylish Tops from Kiyonna

If you are looking for stylish tops check out Kiyonna’s latest arrivals of plus size wrap and lace tops. Each style comes in a few color options but the ones below are my favorites — sometimes a new color creates a completely different look — case in point, the last two tops in my image are the Linden Lace top. Two different models, two different colors but the same top. I love the looks of both.

Five stylish plus size tops from Kiyonna. They have many more but these are my favorites.

From left to right:

  • Chantal Chiffon Blouse in emerald (also available in a black flower print), $64
  • Pretty in Print Wrap Top in amethyst diamond print (also available in black with white polka dots), $68
  • Laila Wrap Top in peacock (also available in black or magenta), $64
  • Linden Lace Top in black lace over nude lining (also available over black lining), $88
  • Linden Lace Top in coral over nude lining, $88

Kiyonna’s stylish tops are offered in sizes 10 to 28, some go up to 32.

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Elephant Love

I have been a huge Threadless fan for years. Besides purchasing them for myself I have also purchased many for gifts over the years for my husband, nephews, god-daughter and friends. I love them (not all but quite a few).

The interesting thing about Threadless tees is they have no boundaries for who wears them. Case in point, I walked into a Neuro doctor’s office a few years ago and the first thing she said after “hi” was “Is that a Threadless T-shirt?” We ended up talking for a few minutes about fave designs. I never would have suspected she was a Threadless groupie. You just never know.

I haven’t posted a fave tee design in a while but when I saw this old favorite I had to share. Next to hippos, elephants are my favorite extreme sized mammals. Threadless has re-released and old favorite simply called Elephant. This doodle profile was designed by Florent Bodart and is available in sizes up to 2x for $19.99.

An elephant doodle t-shirt design from Threadless.

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The Red Sweater

Blue is my favorite color but I also have a weakness for red — when I do laundry there is usually a load of reds. It is not surprising to me that my heart skipped a beat when it saw this 17 Sundays’s Red Time Out Knit Dress at Madison Plus Select. Ok, I realize this is listed as a dress but I would totally wear this as a top. It is more than a little too short for me to consider it a dress but I absolutely love it anyway. It’s all in the color and the texture, baby.

Plus size red knit dress with open stitch from Madison Plus Select.

Because of the open knit squares I would wear a cami or ribbed tank under it and definitely keep it casual with jeans or black leggings and tall boots.

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The Allure of Blue Sweaters

Oh that I wish I could afford Eileen Fisher’s clothing then this Scoop Neck Dolman-Sleeve Oval Top in Airy Alpaca Crimp in azure (it also comes in peridot which is a fancy word for green baby poo color–it’s not but you get the idea) would be mine, all mine. I love the azure color of course but the sweater style is so right up my alley.

Plus size designer sweaters by Eileen Fisher.

For my go-to style I would wear it with a pair of leggings because, well, I am home and chilling most of the time with my laptop, then I might wear it with jeans and my Docs. Or a houndstooth pencil skirt, opaque tights, and flats. I would not be above abusing the heck out of this one. It would make my eyes look so “purdy”.

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Ornamental Tiger

Just because I do not collect cat things does not mean I cannot appreciate the occasional “cat” inspired t-shirt; especially one as pretty as the Ornamental Tiger designed by Victor Calahan for Threadless.

This tiger print novelty t-shirt is from Threadless.

This shirt reminds me of a similar one that I bought for my husband and one of his nephews. While this one uses ornamental lines on navy, the other one was printed on orange and used smaller silhouettes of cats to make up the larger cat image. I definitely prefer the navy background of this one — and there is something delicate a feminine about the lines.

At the moment Threadless tees only go up to 2x. If you are a bigger size please put in your request with Threadless, the more people who show an interest…

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Give a Girl Wingz

Give a girl wingz and you give her the freedom to wear whatever she wants and the ability to transform every sleeveless top or dress into a new look. I love the concept of the Wingz and if you have ever worn a shrug you will too. This UK company has the cutest alternatives to shrugs, instead of going over your lovely dresses and tops it goes under.

There are quite a few Wingsz that I like. From the bridal section there is the White Chiffon Volume (shown under a white tank top) and Stretch Lace Full Sleeve. From the chiffon section there is the Silver Snake Chiffon Flare (shown under a black dress) and the Purple Chiffon Flare. From the day section there is the White Stretch Cotton Fold Up (shown under a red sheath dress) and the Tall Black Fitted Stretch.

My favorite styles of Wingz fashion accessories.

And there are many more to choose from. They are incredibly affordable with most at £14.99 to £18.99 and available in sizes 12 to 28. They do ship to the U.S. and Canada with “UK rates of postage, even though the shipping costs to Canada or the US are more”. For one set it costs £1.96 and two sets £2.48. Very affordable.

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Soft Colored Camis

If you have had enough of bright colors, SwakDesigns has come out with some soft colors in their ever popular Pretty Cami ($30). There are a total of six colors to choose from including the basic black and white. My favorites are the lavender, purple, and coral.

These are the soft pretty camis from plus size clothing retailer SwakDesigns, also know as Sealed with a Kiss.

The pretty camis look great flowing free or belted. They work with simple jeans or with short and maxi skirts. You can even layer it over a similar spaghetti strapped or tank dress then belt it. It is a great layering piece any time of year under cropped jackets or sweaters.

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