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Plus Size Shortlettes Underwear

Another alternative to thigh rub is Under Summers. They offer pretty bicycle style short underwear in pretty fabrics with or without lace accents — they call them shortlettes (they are not shapewear!) They are pretty reasonably priced too, under $35. There are lots of options from solids colors to animal prints. And there are matching camisoles. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Two options for battling thigh from from Under Summers shortlettes.

The base layer shown in coral here comes in three other colors (turquoise, black, and silverfish). As does the print (zebra, brown leopard, and grey leopard). There is an excellent size range from XL to 6X. In the U.S. they offer free shipping for orders over $50, not sure if they ship to Canada yet or what the rate is (sent them an email and will update when I find out).

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Thigh Glide Review

If you suffer from irritation, friction, and skin breakdown from areas that rub against one another, namely the inner thighs, then Thigh Glide would like you to consider their product as an alternative to wearing bicycle shorts (powders, hose etc.) under your dresses and skirts. They recently sent me a sample of their product for review at My Favorite Things.

What is Thigh Glide?

Basically, it is a very thin non-latex see through adhesive that fits within the area of your hand. You peel it and apply it to one side of the skin so the opposing skin will glide over it instead of creating friction. This is not for areas where open abrasions already exist! While most people know about thigh rub, Thigh Glide says it can be used on the arms, the waistline, the chest, the buttocks, the groin, and the feet. They can be worn in their original oval form or cut for smaller areas.

What is in the Kit?

Their Thigh Glide tube includes 3 alcohol swabs, 1 application stick, 3 thigh glide body wraps, 1 red reminder charm, business card size directions, and a brochure.

Thigh Glide Kit

Testing Thigh Glides on the Thighs

As someone who has had to deal with different degrees of thigh rub over the years I was looking forward to trying Thigh Glides on my inner thighs.

I found the body wrap cumbersome to put on the upper thigh area where most plus size women experience thigh rub. The adhesive side is incredibly sticky and the “directions” told me I am not supposed to touch the adhesive (“or your application will be affected”) and well, it is just awkward to apply smoothly if not impossible by yourself. Once I finally got it on I noticed it was not really compatible with my soft thighs. Thighs with any kind of cellulite makes it hard to smooth out the material so it is not pulling on skin. So basically, I walked around with a crinkled inner thigh all day. Does it keep the other thigh from rubbing or sticking to the other? Yes, of course.

The adhesive is strong and the Thigh Glide body wrap stayed in place all day. It may be a bit too strong because it was difficult to remove after a full day of wearing it. I had to inch it off carefully. It also left sticky residue adhesive behind on my skin that would not come off without alcohol.

Overall Experience

Overall, the Thigh Glide body wraps are not a plus in my books. I think the concept is fascinating but the execution for plus size women is still wanting. There is little in terms of directions on applying the wraps other than to use the alcohol swab beforehand to clean skin and not to touch the adhesive with your fingers. There is an applicator stick (which is really just a popsicle-type stick) but no instruction on how to use it during application; not even on the website.

The kit costs $11.95 for only three adhesives (perhaps they will come out with a more affordable refill kit in the future). For anyone who needed these on a daily basis the cost would become high quickly. That being said these might be useful for special occasions like weddings where wearing an alternative is not an option but they would have to be tested prior to the event.

While I think the idea is novel and probably best suited for women under a size twenty, I do not think it suits our everyday needs. At this point I would rather put the money out for a short or thigh protectors like Luvees.

If you have tried Thigh Glides (or if there is another product that works for you) I would love to hear about your experience.

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