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My Bra Lee Underwire Patches

For those of you who wear underwire bras and suffer through your underwire poking through or if you are like me, reach in and pull it out all together. I came across an interesting solution so you do not have to chuck that barely worn bra in the garbage or walk around with one underwire in and and one underwire out.

Over at Etsy there is a shop called MyBralee out of Los Angeles. The designer has developed a patch that you can put over the spot where your underwire is poking through keeping it from harming your skin and coming all the way.

My Bra Lee underwire bra patch from Etsy

Ingenious! Perhaps she should be marketing to bra makers so they can put them on in advance! Anyway, they are pretty inexpensive at $4.99 a pop for a package of two (one color) plus $1 to $2 bucks for delivery. At the moment there is the option of black, nude, white, or red. Or you can buy a multi pack of various colors for $9.99.

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JMS Perfect Lift Wirefree Bra

This month Just My Size (JMS) introduced a new bra for their customers. The JMS Perfect Lift Wirefree Bra has molded cups and an inner sling to help provide lift and support. The seamless cups are perfect for wearing under t-shirts or the silkiest tops.

I have always struggled with strap adjustment on new bras. You put it on and then you realize you forgot to adjust the straps. You either pull a muscle trying to reach over and adjust the straps or you take it on and off a few times trying to get the perfect adjustment. This new JMS bra has easy front adjustable straps! With all this they even managed to put in some decorative lace trim. At the moment is available in the most popular colors of white or black and the bra sizes available range from 40D to 48DD.

plus size wirefree bra from Just My Size (JMS)

How much do you think you would have to pay for a bra with so many features? $30 to $40? The Perfect Lift Wirefree Bra can be purchased at JMS for $15.49.

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Stocking Up on Under Things

Are your bras starting to get worn? Not keep the girls in their place? Then it is a perfect time to check out HerRoom’s annual gigantic clearance sale. It all begins on December 24th! Plus size bras for women from Her Room.

Customers will experience up to 80% savings on all top lingerie brands like Chantelle, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Hanky Panky, Cosabella, Wacoal and many more.

While you are there check out one of my favorite fitting bras, the Le Mystere Tisha Bra (at right). This bra was featured on Oprah ages ago. It provides great lift, support and smoothness. I liken it to the “t-shirt bra” because you can wear it without seeing a bunch of lines and ripples. It comes in nude (best choice) or black with sizes 32C to 44H for $68.

Don’t want to leave it too long so you get your top sizes and selections.

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Plus Size Bras

Many women chide about “the bra” being invented by men. In reality, women have played a big role in their production. The bra, brassiere or as Bette Midler sang in Beaches, “the first over your shoulder boulder holder” have been around since the late 1800s.The sources vary slightly but in the late 1800s corsets started to lose their appeal as the outer garments began to change. The first breast holder was patented in 1859 by Henry S. Lasher (Brooklyn, NY). A French Corset designer called Herminie Cadolle invented another version in 1889. Marie Tucek patented the first “breast supporter” in 1893 and Mary Phleps Jacobs is credited with the patent of the first “brassiere” in 1913-14. Many sources want to claim the invention but the bra has really been a progression from one device to another. Even today the bra is under metamorphosis.

This white bra is from Hips and Curves.You would think after 200 years we’d be able to take charge of the industry, pool our resources and design something comfortable and affordable for all women. In a lot of cases it isn’t just the design. It’s the fit. Being plus-size and having extra rolls in all the wrong places doesn’t necessarily make plus-size women great candidates for bra fittings. It’s important to know what is involved in being fitted for a bra and if necessary take things into your own hands.

Fitting a Bra

Go get your soft tape measure out and if you can, get someone to help you. Do it in front of a mirror so you can make sure the tape measure is level. During all the measurements it is important to make sure the measuring tape does not droop in the back or is not held too tight.

A simple diagram showing where to measure for a bra fitting.Measure under your breasts (a). If the number you get is under 33″ then add four or five inches to give yourself an EVEN number (i.e. if you measured 31, add 5 inches to make 36. This number gives you your band size (I know weird).

Next measure above your breast but still under your arms (b). You might have to include the flesh at the top of your breasts to keep the line horizontal.

Lastly, measure your full breast (c). Subtract the under arm bust total from the full breast total (c-b) and you will have your cup size. Wasn’t that fun?!

So your cup size will be:

If less than an inch difference you’re an AA (lucky you).
1″ – A
2″ – B
3″ – C
4″ – D
5″ – E or DD
6″ – F or DDD or EE
7″ – G or FF or EEE

(for a description of international bra sizes.)

Notice the variance with the bigger sizes? This is where we get into a grey area. Then you have the variances with the different manufacturers. Now bear in mind this is only a guideline. Have you been wearing a bra in and around what you calculated?

These guidelines were not designed for us but they are a good starting point when trying bras on for the first time. It is important when trying on your bras to set some time aside so you can try the different cup sizes and manufacturers. Once you find a bra that fits, note the size but be warned if you switch manufacturers or styles it is possible you may have to change sizes. Not fair is it?

Originally published 11/23/2004 at Large & Lovely, BellaOnline.