Dressing Up Your Jeans

For most of us, jeans are the most worn item from our closet. Some of us only have a few pairs while others have fourteen or more. It was not too long ago that jeans were only relegated for weekend wear. We were not allowed to wear them at school and we definitely were not allowed to wear them at work.

While there are still some occasions where denim is not acceptable we can pretty much get away with dressing them up and wearing them anywhere. Yes it is possible to dress up your jeans. Here is a perfect example featuring the skinny jeans from Torrid:

plus size jeans and accessories from Torrid

  • Black Lace Lapel Jacket, $59
  • White Gauze Lantern Sleeves Top, $39
  • Black And Purple Bead Hematite Chain Necklace, $20
  • Torrid Denim – Curvy Skinny Jean, $59
  • Silver and White Rhinestone Bracelet Pack, $25
  • Quincy Nude Chiffon Ruffle Heels, $40
  • Steve Madden Black Bneptune Satchel, $98

Do you like to dress up your jeans?

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The Short Substitute

I am not a “shorts” person. Never have been. It probably has something to do with the pantie shorts I was forced to wear in gym class in high-school (back when gym was a requirement for graduations). I do however love capri pants, short pants, crop pants, whatever you want to call them. And being tall, I think I can pull them off. Now I am not talking about long shorts. Yuk! The ones I like are somewhere between a cropped pant and a long short. And they can’t be wide or thin legged.

Plus size white capri pants.

Like these white Convertible Crop pant from plus size clothing shop Lane Bryant. These pants come in sizes 18 to 26 and are on sale for $19.99 (regular $49.99). They are cotton/spandex and are washable. Thank goodness since they are white. They also come in a very pale aqua.

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