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Pretty Plus Size Panties

It is true, plus size panties can be pretty. But do not take my word for it, have a gawk at these pretty panties from Hips and Curves, the connoisseur of sexy lingerie for women. All the panties you see hear fit sizes 1x to 4x. My absolute favorites are the cage ones. The prices vary from $10 to $20.

pretty plus size panties from Hips and Curves

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Panty By Post Review

Panty By Post goes beyond the “generic black and white” and “bland n’ basic styles” to offer women a special feminine treat once a month in their mail box. And they have “curated an incredible collection in a variety of colors, with lace” just for the plus size chics (up to 4x). They offer five different subscription packages but obviously ordering the one year package with one panty a month offers the best bang for your buck at $198 ($16.50 a panty). You can choose a specific cut (hipster, biniki, thong etc) or be surprised with the mixed option. Worldwide shipping is available.

Recently Natalie Grunberg, the master mind behind Panty by Post, contacted me to review one of their plus size panties — Bliss in violet. The parcel arrived from Vancouver BC in a compact cardboard envelope. As you can see it is a reasonably discreet box and the company name is pretty small but not threatening. And who would think there was actually a pair of panties in it anyway?

Parcel from Panty by Post

It was hard to believe there was a pair of plus size panties in there let alone wrapped in funky tissue paper with three cards, one introducing the program, one mentioning their referral program, and one with a special note.

tissue paper and cardlettes from Panty by Post

As I mentioned earlier I was sent Bliss in violet. It is a deep color with lovely lace accents. The panties are soft and well stitched. I did some proper yanking on them before I washed them by hand and hung them to dry.

plus size panties from Panty by Post

I wore them for half a day of work at the computer and the other half doing errands. They were a comfortable panty and yes I felt pretty knowing I had a special panty on. Who doesn’t feel prettier or at least more girly in a lacy pair of panties? I have no major complaints — they weren’t picky, or scratchy, or bunchy. There was the usual adjustment required throughout the day but nothing earth shattering that would make me say, “No, don’t do it!” More importantly the panties were still in tip top condition by the end of the day when they hit the laundry bin.

The big question is would I subscribe to a service that sent me a new pretty panty every month? No, probably not but that is not to say I would not thoroughly enjoy them if someone was feeling especially gifty and wanted to buy me a subscription. I would probably be tinkled pink to find a new panty in my post every month. I think the concept of Panty by Post is an awesome idea for gift giving and really exemplifies the saying “the gift that keeps on giving”. So girls, send the link to Panty by Post to your loved ones to drop a hint for birthdays, Valentines, Christmas, or just because you are sooo incredibly special.

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* Get your Panty by Post from their official website