Stylish Plus Size Dresses and Separates

Plus Size Halloween at Torrid

No, it’s not too early silly. The time is now to start thinking about what you want to wear this Halloween. October 31st falls on a Friday, if that will help with your planning. Plus size pirate costume from Torrid.

Plus size clothing retailer, Torrid, is prepared for Halloween already. Their Halloween line this year includes:

  • Cop
  • Fairy
  • Pirate
  • Bo Peep
  • Snow Princess
  • Miss Wonderland
  • Sailor Costume
  • Riding Hood
  • Flight Attendant
  • Barber’s Mistress

Make sure you read the details because not all costumes contain all accessories.

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Get Red Hot for Halloween

Halloween is a great time to shed some inhibitions! Why not be adventurous when choosing a Halloween costume this year (Ok, I know why I would not but maybe you’re more adventurous than me). Halloween night is full of fantasies and legends. Take this opportunity to be daring and bold and sexy (pot, kettle, black).

Sexy fishnets and heels add attitude to any Halloween costume. Like a Red Hot Saloon Girl from plus size lingerie provider, Hips and Curves. This bawdy bar-girl costume includes the satin corset top, ruffled skirt for $79.95. It comes in multi-sizes 1/2x and 3/4x. The gloves, garter and petticoat are available separately.

If you plan on clubbing for Halloween this may be the perfect outfit for you. I love the bustier and can actually see it being worn after Halloween with a black blazer and dress pants.

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Plus Size Vampire Costume

I love vampires! Plus-Size-Vampire-Fright

Ok, I have not met a real one but I love vampire movies (Blade), television shows (Blood Ties) and of course costumes. There are so many different styles of vampire costumes on the market ranging from slightly seductive to Gothic to sleazy.

My favorite vampire costume is the Vampiress (1104186) from Fright Catalog for $109. I know, I know, this is definitely one you don’t want to spill your dinner on (get it?). A similar look for less cash is available from Annie’s Costumes for $55.

This historical looking costume comes with a full length gown and the must have corset for pumping up the assets, a choker and vampire collar. It is available in 2x and 3x.

Lace-Boots-TorridAll it needs is some eyeliner, ruby red lipstick and a pair of kick-ass boots. Like these corset ones from plus size clothing retailer Torrid. Not only are these boots made with a wide calf they are on for $36. Yes, that’s right.

Happy blood sucking, divas!

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Plus Size Pirate Costume

ARggggh! Yes, pirates. With the likes of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom playing pirates it’s no wonder that Pirates of the Caribbean has made pirates a very popular choice for plus size costumes. plus size pirate wench costume

One of my favorite pirate get-ups is this Pirate Wench costume from Halloweenie for $55. I think what makes or breaks a female pirate costume is the corset and the boots.

Now this one does not come with boots but I bet you have a pair of knee high boots that would look better. The red sash isn’t included either but I like the touch and if you have red boots, even better!

Good luck finding your buried treasure.

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